Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The recent act of bravery by Mumbai Police is worth
applauding. We should also consider the fact about the equipment given to them
for fighting the terrorists or maintaining law and order. Usually out of 100
deeds committed if 99 are good they will not receive bouquets, applause or
appreciation BUT if 1 mistake happens then the whole world will be against you to shower their best expletives, advices, brickbats and adjectives. This was not the seen for Mumbai
Police. Instead a reverse reaction was seen. The general public is well ware of
the functioning of the Mumbai police. Corruption is rampant, Misuse of power,
oppression, acting in biased manner, sycophancy, etc. We, the citizens, have
forgotten & forgiven them for all their misdeeds and showered them with
love, respect, sympathy and appreciation for their 1 act. They should not
forget this. This should be an eye opener for them. We would like to request
them to start acting for the safety of the citizens, do the duty honestly and
accomplish the purpose of the Police. Kindly do not take our love as our
weakness and lets strengthen our bond. We will give you more than expected.

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