Thursday, March 19, 2009

India Votes

Yes, the elections are round the corner and so are the politicians. The blame game, allegations, promises, self-appreciation, coalitions, etc. news will keep on coming every minute. The names unheard for the past 5 years are suddenly making headlines.This election is very important as it will decide the course of the nation a long time to come. It can be termed a milestone election. The reason is a major chunk of our politicians are from old guard or independence era. They are to be respected but cannot be allowed to take the reins of the nation as majority of the country electorate is youth and hence we are having a huge thinking gap aka generation gap. We have to elect people who are young and also who have the capability to steer the nation into the global direction with new thoughts. We are a powerful & strong nation now. A force to reckon. The whole world is watching our election just the way USA elections. We should not carried away false promises, baseless allegations, masked polite behaviour and “notes”. The people of Mumbai had shown unseen & unprecedented enthusiasm at the gateway of indiapost 26/11. I hope and pray that the same is alive and will show during voting.I request all the people to come out in more numbers on the polling day and cast your important vote. Do not take the holiday for a outing/vacation as it may cost you & the country a very dear amount. PLEASE VOTE.

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