Thursday, March 19, 2009

Indian EC aginst VARUN but favours RAJ THACKERAY

Here is an excellent case of government bias. We are still not sure of Mr. Varun Gandhi’s speech as the technical team has not certified its authenticity. The point is where were all these politicians, EC, police force & home ministry when similar or more provocative & instigating speeches were given by the RAT (read RAj Thackeray). He had openly defied the gag orders, threatened to beat north Indians, etc. but there was no one to take him to task. In fact the Mumbai police is absolutely incompetent, inefficient, impotent and incapable of handling both the Sena (MNS & Shiv Sena). They are shit scared of the hooligans of these parties. TheMNS & SS term themselves as SAINIKS which itself is derogatory to the actual sainiks of our defence forces. The associates of Mr. RAT were nowhere to be seen or heard during the major crisis that the Mumbaiites faced on 26/11/08. It was the north Indians soldiers who laid down their lives for the city though the defence force has no discrimination on regions. Now they are openly supporting the speech of Mr. Varun Gandhi which itself is equivalent of giving a speech. Isn’t “Abetting a crime is also a crime” a valid point to arrest them. If the respectable EC & the Congress are keen on issuing notices to this new & may I say naïve to be MP then why are they not taking similar steps against Mr. Bal Thackeray. Are they afraid of the repercussions or too meek to do anything against these mighty local politicians.

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