Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do Mumbaiikars have a right to complain?

Can the bombayites hear some laughter in Mantralya building? If we can then the we are the cause it. We have given them an opportunity to laugh on us. The crystal clear & enthusiastic visuals of the candle march to the Gateway of India, the slogans, the speeches and fire of the youth had invigorated the citizens. When we were passing the Mantralaya (the government HQ of Maharshtra) building, we could sense the fear of the bureaucrats inside. They were fearing the outcome of the movement. It was the biggest movement by the citizens without any support from political party or vested interest of politician. The speeches were not only full of hatred but also of awareness of the citizens of the city. We did not wanted to be called “The city of DEAD”. Till now everybody has been misleading us by calling “The city with undying spirit” when infact it was just to keep the Nelson eye attitude intact. The JAAGO RE campaign was a hit with all. Everybody thought that this time Bombay people will give a much deserving answer to the government. We will not allow ourselves to be taken for granted. BUT finally the bureaucrats & Mantralaya people had the last laugh. They knew that this movement is because of momentary heat. Momentary anger. All smoke, No fire. THEY WERE RIGHT. The headlines of percentage of voter turnout was embarrassing. Less than 50%. Reason – Weekend, much needed break, quality time to family, etc. All crap. A person wanted this vacation badly and hence did not consider voting as important. Wow!! Next time please do not complain of anything against the government. You are not entitled. People left the city on Wednesday night. Could not wait till noon of Thursday. The polling booth opens at 7am. They are ready to stand in queue for trains, cinema tickets, McDonalds, Temples, etc but can’t stand in queue at polling booth. What do they expect—The EC dept officers to come to your doorstep with the EVM. The icing on the cake was by the celebrities who had done the numerous ads requesting people to vote. They themselves were absconding with flimsy reasons. Must be expecting some payment to come and vote as they are used to getting paid for wherever they go. They had time to attend Priyanka Chopra’s party but no time to vote. Another reason could be that these celebs do not leave their houses without make-up lest people see their horrible REAL faces. And that day the make-up man & his assts. were absent as they had gone to vote. So obviously how can the celebs venture out and loose their fan who admire their false looks. This proves that PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THESE CELEBS. They will misguide & mislead you to any extent for their personal interests. We should applaud Aamir & Shahrukh Khan for coming to vote and doing their duties. Practice what you preach. Instead everybody is interested in finding the reason for Shahrukh’s visit to the city which turns out to be a dance party at some real estate tycoon. So how does it matter? He has done his job –VOTE & after that he is free to do whatever he wants. Who are these people to point finger on him? What right they have to do that? So actually we, the citizens, deserve what we get - whether its apathy from the government, the laugh of Mantralaya or the taken-for-granted attitude of the politicians. Please DO NOT COMPLAIN FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS.


  1. You are right Sundeep. Next time a carwallah complains of bad roads, ask him to go take a walk. I met a friend yesterday who was boasting and saying I dont think anyone is worth my vote, so I didnt. The woman doesnt understand that if she doesnt vote at all, she will have to face such candidates year after year! btw, she tht it was too hot on voting day so decided to sleep in her AC bedroom