Thursday, June 4, 2009

Should Rahul Gandhi join the Cabinet?

Till the formation of the present government & announcement of the cabinet, the oft asked question has been “Will Rahul Gandhi join the cabinet, Should he?” It’s the most debated question with maximum answers as NO. I agree with it. Rahul was the first one to propose the idea of going alone in UP & Bihar instead of trailing the new trio of Lalu-Paswan-media famous Amar Singh. The veterans called it disastrous. He was called as a political infant who was taking advantage of his lineage. He was told that Mamata would leave UPA in lurch. He was also accused of driving away important allies of Congress and who will be instrumental in forming the next government but he went ahead with his plans with the consent of a few people. He held 150 rallies, an impressive number. He proved himself whenever he was fielded with tricky questions. Whatever bytes he gave to the press were put in bold as if they will be ready to pounce on him if he lost. His did commit some gaffes by praising Nitish Kumar & Chandrababu Naidu which sent his party heads in a tizzy and issuing cover-ups. Finally Alls well that ends well. His strategies paid off. He showed how the youth factor decided the course of results & how voters rejected extremism and opted for communal harmony and growth. Today Rahul Gandhi is a genius. The party expects his magic to work again & again. Even those who lost are analyzing his strategy to adopt it. It’s now known as RAHUL EFFECT. Now everyone wants him to join the cabinet. The PM has repeatedly said that he is very keen to see Rahul in the cabinet. The PM always wanted to pass the baton to the younger generation. Most of the veterans are above 70 and India needs a young party. The party was even ready to create a new post of Secretary General who will report to the high command, Sonia Gandhi, only. But Rahul has different plans. He has always declined to join the cabinet and said in a light manner unless they resort to some kind of arm-twisting tactics. While everybody was rejoicing over the victory, Rahul went to Sultanpur to thank his constituency people & party workers. His dream is to form a congress government on its own steam by breaking the record of having 414 MP’s. His job is to try & empower the youth in the country. He wants an organization of young people and will take 3-5 years to build it. His target is 2014 elections. He has also quoted Rajiv Gandhi on the funds spent by the centre, only 15 paise per rupee reaches the target beneficiaries. He wants that the best way of ensuring country development is to see that the funds reach the people asap & maximum amount. Many seniors want him to join the government so that he will get a good exposure towards the functioning of the government. They forget that he is born in most famous political lineage family and has complete knowledge of governance. Majority feel that he should be invigorating the party. Restructure it. He can make a larger contribution by shaping the organization which has been losing or getting less seats in most of the elections. Working for organization will give him greater pan-india exposure than opting for a stint in the government. He will have less time for the process he has started if he joins the cabinet. And the same applies for some of the young first timer MP’s. They should not opt for any ministry but should work with Rahul and strengthen the party and country. Work on grass root level. Sonia has said that though Rahul has got a good start and political lineage, he will have to work his way up in the party. She is right. If his past performance is compared with his present, it is clear that Rahul has matured and has got the much needed finesse. He is well connected with the people & country. He is doing what very few politicians do – work at grass root level. He is the representative of the genX which will chart the future of this country. The Congress victory is an ideal launching pad for this young prince. RAHUL EFFECT has to be repeated in the forth coming assembly elections to completely silence the usual suspecting people who would have called this victory as luck by chance. Rahul Gandhi will be crowned sooner or later but till then he should not let his magic wane.

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  1. well, we have a few years to watch what he does... and what he's capable of... time will tell if his 'magic' turns real and stays tht way