Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why do we go to USA for our own internal security?

Why is India so soft on terrorism? Why do we have to behave like a cry-baby in front of the world especially in front of USA whether it’s Kashmir oer Bomb blasts? Pakistan is a direct threat on our security and has been lying to us on terrorism issues for decades. They have been harboring so many hard core terrorists wanted by India & the Interpol. Most of the superpower countries have turned a Nelson’s eye towards these issues which is mainly due to pressure from USA. Our boundaries have been decreased by forceful accession and we have failed to align the people to wards us. Pok, Aksai Chin & Arunachal Pradesh are examples. The world doesn’t question China on invasion on Tibet but asks us to give our territories. The world wants nuclear disarmament but fails to put a check on Pakistani A Q Khan who has sold the Nuclear tech to many countries and who has been aided by China. USA & CHINA help this rogue state by supplying military tech know-how, arms & aid in the guise of NGO’s. Any other country would have waged a war against Pakistan after 26/11, Parliament attack, Mumbai bomb blasts, Kandahar hijack, etc. but we continue to maintain restrain in the name of peace & path of non-violence. USA wiped out Afghanistan & Iraq when just WTC was bombed but what India who is fighting terrorism for the past 6 decades. We are ready for war and Pakistan is well aware of the consequences. Condolezza & later Hillary come running to us to maintain peace but helps Pakistan by camouflaging their misdeeds by saying that Pakistan is fighting it’s own internal battle and is determined to wipe out terrorism from their soil. How will it wipe out when the training camps are being funded by their own ISI. We have sent clear signals to the world that we are a soft state & our citizens are sitting ducks anywhere in the world. The recent release of 26/11 mastermind Saeed by Pakistan shows Pakistani double standards in the name of curbing terrorism and Mr. Hoolbrooke calmly in a press conference in the presence of Zardari says it’s their internal matter so we will not comment on it. Adding a topping is the new US$200M aid to the rogue state through some front end NGO’s of it’s own ISI. How the money is used and for what is very well known and doesn’t need to be guessed. This act is highly appalling & disturbing. It shows that USA treats Pakistan as it’s strong ally in South Asia and just wants to use India for it’s vested interests. Why do we have to go to USA or need consent for all our internal matters on security or Pakistan threats? Countries like North Korea, Iran & even France have challenged the supremacy of USA. France was against the attacks by USA but today has become it’s strong ally. Everyone knows about Iran & N Korea. Are we a smaller country or a weaker country than these two states. We are now amongst the super powers of the world but are being scared & provoked by our neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh, China & Sri Lanka. What kind of power we possess when we are always looking towards USA for maintaining our security. The MEA of India has to act in defiance of Pakistani acts and maintain the dignity, sovereignty & safety of our country. The present government has been elected on a very important issue of securing the country and we hope they will live upto their promises.

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