Friday, August 28, 2009

SILVER : Household methods for preserving silver

Silver items tend to have a blackish look after some time and thereby losing it's shine. Here are some simple tips to get the gleam back.

Tip 1 : Use toothpaste (white one) to clean the silver. Apply some on brush and scrub

the jewellery with it.

Tip 2 : Clean silver with mild soap. Pat dry with soft cloth. For more stubborn dirt,

use a silver cleaner that you can get at any silver jewellery store.

Tip 3 : Make sure the silver is not dumped together. It may get entangled. Keep every

piece separately in felt cloth or tissue.

Tip 4 : Don’t wear silver when doing your household chores. Chlorinated water can

take away all the luster.

Tip 5 : Clean your silver in vinegar to find it looking brand new.

Tip 6 : Don’t use any abrasive cloth or paper to wipe the jewellery. It can develop

scratches. Use earbuds.

Tip 7 : Body lotions, perfume and cosmetics can ruin the silver jewellery. Always

wear jewellery after you beautify yourself.

1 comment:

  1. tips to make silver look brand new:

    1 - buy / make your husband buy the latest design in silver.
    2 - tell people it's your birthday and silver is in your wishlist.
    3 - attend a punju marriage on the bride's side, hide the groom's shoes and demand silver stuff for joota chupaai.
    4 - quit your job and hint a farewell. casually tell people that you were thinking of buying that silver set since long.
    5 - try to touch the clouds... every cloud has a silver lining.