Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SUN-TAN : How to take-off the Sun Tan.

“There are various ways and methods to avoid or take off the newly acquired and much envied SUN TAN.”

  1. Apply pure sandalwood paste on face 10-15 minute before shower. Its soothing to the skin. You may add some drops of rose water for fragrance and coolong.
  2. Kitchen idea is to apply some Besan (gram flour) and rose water on tanned area. Leave it till it dries. Wash with luke warm water.
  3. Make a paste of papaya, cream and sugar. Apply this on tanned area and leave for 15 mins. Wash with luke warm water.
  4. For darker tans, mix juices of tomato and cucumber and apply daily
  5. Grate cucumber and strain the juice. Add some grated potatoes and spread evenly on face. Leave for some time and wash with luke warm water.
  6. Mix sugar with lemon juice. Add little glycerin. Scrub on the affected area and apply in circulated motion. Wash with luke warm water.
  7. The other and last best way is to use a sunscreen with spf15 to 35. Also nowadays waterproof lotions are available which should be used before swimming.

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  1. How not to get Sun tan tips:
    1 - Don't go out in sun
    2 - Opt for night shift jobs at BPOs
    3 - Stop exposing… your face as well
    4 - Become richer and richer... step out of your house in a limo, enter your plush office without walking in the sun, hangout with friends at a 5-7 star hotel instead of tapris, cafes and beaches
    5 - Don't be so rich that you need to travel by helicopters... it's more sunny up there ;)