Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fourth Estate ATTACKED

Do any newspaper gets delivered to the law-makers & government especially the CM & Home Minister? I doubt it. Or they have become deaf, dumb and blind, oblivious of the happenings. The CM had promised action against anybody trying to disturb the peace and harmony of the state which was indirectly a warning to MNS & SS but it was just an eyewash. Recently the Shiv sena people ransacked the BMC (ironically controlled by them & BJP) & also have recently assaulted the Kinetic group chairman. Earlier they attacked the office of Manoj Tiwaribut did not have the guts to do anything to SACHIN, Icon of India, who had clearly stated that he was INDIAN first and proud to be a maharashtrian. He is much above all these linguistic & regional barriers. But nobody had the guts to ask him but all that was done was to warn him because touching him would have added to the present mistrust & defeat. If they don't want him to interfere in politics then who are they to interfere in the lives of common people? They keep on saying that they are working for the common marathi manoos but have they asked the marathi manoos about their preferences. For them the mararthi manoos is that shiv sainik, just a bunch of hooligans. Now they have gone beyond limits by ransacking a news channel office and assaulting a female receptionist. The Shiv Sena man assaulted the reporters who were marathas so where is the their ideology of protection of marathi manoos? They have admitted & are proud about it. What has the government done except saying the standard line "We will look into this matter. The culprits will be punished. We will not tolerate this. etc. etc," The common man should be assured of only 1 thing from the government and i.e. NO ACTION & SUFFERING. Both these SENA's (SS & MNS) are following the principle of HIT & APOLOGISE. First the MNS people man-handled a lady member in the assembly and later apologise and now the SS people have ransacked the office of Manoj Tiwari and apologised. Genes at work. Where is the law and order of the state or are they still busy in setting up their offices? Are we living in the commercial capital of India or in the crime capital? Are these people above the law or are they beyond the reach of law? These political parties are doing everything possible against the constitution (which i doubt if they are aware of its existence) and are following divisive politics but are never touched even by a barge pole by the law. Shame on present government who are betraying the trust of the public.


  1. We sadly live in a country where politicians are more worried about their vote bank rather than security of the country.

    If these people really care about maharashtra, lets see some real bravery. Can they fight terrorists and maoists or leave that to north / south indians and go back to their jai maharashtra when the battle is over

  2. hi sundeep, you have actually aired my views. Gone were the days when we could stand in a crowd without blinking an eye, as every person out there whether a stranger or known was only an indian... sad that today we are known by our mother tongue and not our name. sangita