Thursday, December 24, 2009

The BMC-Water Mafia nexus

Bombay is facing one of the worst water crisis and everything need to curb it is being done by one and all. Recently BMC has confiscated 260 water busters, lodged 353 complaints against water thieves, arrested 70 people for water theft, cut 570 illegal water connections! Very good work but the hidden statement is that these existed in the city since a long time. What was the BMC doing till now? Why was no action taken against them earlier? These did not spring out from nowhere suddenly in 2009. So was there a nexus between them and the BMC existing before the present scarcity? It’s clear that all political parties are involved with the water mafia and the sudden action by the BMC is nothing but a diversion of the public from the actual-hidden-existing hand-in-glove drama. Why is the MPDA Act not being imposed on them before they start the anticipatory bail procedure and some phone calls from higher authorities start ringing for their release? Who will bell the cat needs to be seen?

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