Monday, November 29, 2010

Similarity between Orissa & Cambodia

The tragic accident in ‘Water Festival of Cambodia on 22-11-2010 drew my attention to similarity of festivals in Orissa. We are accustomed to think only about Bali dvipa-that was only the capital of vast area called Shunda-dvipa in Ramayana (in shape of elephant trunk). Even now islands of Indonesia are called in 2 groups-greater and smaller Shunda. In fact the whole south east Asia has same tradition as in Orissa. Real name is Kambuja = Shankha in Sanskrit which is anglicized to Cambodia. That is one of weapons of Jagannatha and His dhama is called Shankha-kshetra. Its ruling group is called Khmer = Khamari of Orissa, coming from incarnation of Kurma in about 15800 BC as per Mahabharata, vana parva (230/8-10-Karttikeya calendar).

Water festival is on karttika Purnma-same as balijatra of Orissa. This too is a boat festival. Boat is originated from vahitra = Boita = Boat. Pchum Ben is same as Pitri-paksha of Orissa and all over India.

Khmer’s new year day is same as Chaitra shukla pratipada in Indian calendar.

Royal ploughing day and Ploughing the Holy Furrow (Late May) are same as Akshaya-tritiya of Orissa.

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